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  Threaded Rods & Rod Ends

Probably one of the most common components on all types of racecars is threaded rods and rod ends. There's hardly a car in existence that doesn't have at least one or two of these on it somewhere.

With our experience, racers have always had a problem finding quality rods and rod ends at affordable prices. We make sure that is a problem no longer. With QA1, we have access to one of the most affordable brands in the industry with unparalleled quality that has been trusted by competitors for decades. We stock an assortment of their products including the popular "CM" and "CF" series, the PCM series (Pro series - popular sizes), EXM series (Endura/Teflon - popular sizes), AM series (aluminum - select, popular sizes) and even solid rods ends, monoballs and clevises for certain suspension applications. As always, we have access to the entire QA1 product line in the event there is a part we don't have in stock.

Sometimes the rod ends, as manufactured, aren't exactly right for an application. Not a problem, we stock reducers and other rod end accessories that are commonly used on racecars. This includes jam nuts and spacers as well.

Rod ends would be useless without something to attach them to. We stock a full assortment of steel and aluminum tubes of all styles including swaged steel, round aluminum and swaged aluminum. Tap sizes include 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4". Check the chart below for sizes we usually have available in stock.

Swaged SteelSwaged AluminumRound Aluminum
5/8" Tap3/4" Tap1/2" (Legends)5/8" Tap
1.25" Diameter
5/8" Tap3/4" Tap
4-26"6-36"11-13", 23.5"11-17"5-28"10-27"

Other styles, taps, and lengths of tubes are available through special order but our stocked inventory generally covers 95% of racecars on tracks today. For questions, contact our knowledgable sales staff and allow them to help with the process of choosing the right tube and/or rod ends for the application.