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A person's office is quite often perceived as an extension of his/her personality. To a racecar driver, their cockpit is no different. It's an extension of his/her personality. While we don't sell fuzzy dice, funhouse mirrors or kicking sound systems, we do everything in our power to make sure a driver has the safest, most comfortable and professional-looking office around.

One of the most overlooked areas on most racecars is driver compartment safety. We feel it is time to put away any excuses a driver has for making their cockpit safe for themselves and give their family and friends peace of mind. Our full line of roll bar padding, door bar padding, fire retardant and impact absorption systems allow drivers to outfit their machines with some "cheap insurance" against injuries while doing just what the nickname implies, keeping within a budget. In addition, we also stock some of the most economical, effective and comfortable seats in the industry with Kirkey's lineup of seats including their new line of full containment seats starting at a recommended retail price of only $499!

After taking care of driver comfort and safety, it's important to have a sporty-looking cockpit as well. Through our relationship with RebCo, Accutech and other gauge panel manufacturers, we are able to permit racers to wire their racecar up with the latest gadgetry all while looking cool and professional in the process. Sorry, no on-board MP3 players.

There are a number of other interior-related items that we stock on our shelves that are popular with various racers across the country including steering wheels, shifter boots, wire management products and fire suppression systems. As always, a quick call to our knoweldgeable staff will get your questions answered.