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Carolina Racing Supply is proud to be a supplier for most parts and components needed by local racers and their local parts dealers around the country. We understand the distribution model utilized by the majority of the motorsports industry and use that to help keep prices in check for local racers everywhere. In other words, we aren't going to be selling things that our dealers can't utilize (for instance, fuel) without over-pricing in order to make a profit. But we will sell items that racers need at a fair price that our dealers can maximize their returns on, too.

Our parts lineup is detailed to the left. Since our founding, in 1999, we have used our very own part numbering system that is unique to any other company in the industry. To us, someone doesn't always look for Brand X. But they do look for, say, safety equipment. All of our organization revolves around this concept using a product's function on a racecar as its primary means of classification, not its manufacturer. However, within areas, our customers will find we break down to brands. For instance, under tire pressure gauges we carry Rebco, Intercomp and Joe's Racing part numbers. All of them are grouped together in our warehouse, our website and literature. No worrying about missing an available, relevant part. They're all together.

We hope this helps you to understand our system of organization and classification and, ultimately, makes it easier for you to get the parts and pieces you need.

Feel free to browse around our product classification listing to get an idea of everything we carry here at Carolina Racing Supply. Of course, this product mix is always changing. Do not be afraid to pick up the phone and speak to one of our friendly experts to get the answers you need to your questions.