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  Bellhousings, Clutches, Flywheels and Starters

Proper delivery of the engine's power to the driveline with minimal power loss is one of the battles that racers are constantly fighting. With our entire stock of bellhousings, clutches and flyweels that should no longer be a problem.

To begin, our shelves are stocked with popular bellhousings for various applications. Between Quick Time's aftermarket-style pieces for higher performance applications and McLeod's stock-style bellhousings, we can fit most any racecar with a high-quality, economical bellhousing that meets safety specs of the SFI foundation and most every sanctioning body in oval track racing. We also carry accessory parts for these units including pivot kits and bellhousing dowels.

Racing clutches have to meet a variety of different rules in a variety of different applications and we pride ourselves on having a clutch for almost every type of popular racecar on racetracks today. Our stock includes single-disc clutches to mirror the style of a stock clutch and multi-disc clutches on 5.5" and 7.25" platforms. We also carry pressure plates, replacement discs and other accessories for clutches. Our stocking inventory consists mostly of Ace Racing clutches but we also stock service and replacement parts for other major brands.

Flywheels, generally, must meet stringent rule requirements just like the clutches that are attached to them. We stock a variety of flywheels from super lightweight to stock-replacement.

To put the entire assembly into motion, it's imperative to have a solid starter that can be used over and over again and can be counted on when conditions are most demanding. We stock starters that racers have depended upon for years. Be it a standard block mount, high compression, reverse mount or otherwise, we either have it or we can get it.

We also stock a complete assortment of throwout bearings for stock or race clutch applications. Included in our inventory are rebuild kits for these units as well as bleeder lines and fittings.

Confused on what to buy? Have questions or just need general information? Pick up the phone and give us a call. Our expert staff will be able to assist you in getting your questions answered and your concerns addressed.