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  Carburetion and Fuel Delivery

Without fuel and air mixing together inside of the engine, no racecar has any power at all. The problem comes with the best (and legal) way to deliver the air/fuel mixture to a racing engine. Don't worry, whatever is needed to achieve that task, we have it here at Carolina Racing Supply.

If it's a carburetor or its parts that are needed to get the fuel delivery task completed, we can handle that quite easily. Be it gaskets for a rebuild, jets, power valves, fuel bowls, boosters, or whatever the case might be, we can handle it. We stock many common Holley carburetor parts and components and have the ability to get others that we might not have on the shelf within just a few days. Of course, entire carburetors are also available for purchase, just let us know exactly what suits the task and we will deliver with a quality product.

Need parts from further up the fuel system like fuel pumps or fuel logs or even a simple piece of fuel line? Don't worry, we have it covered as well. Simple parts like fuel pump push rods, fuel line, fuel fittings, fuel logs, regulators and more are stocked on our shelves every day. No matter what it is, if it is not here, we can have it in a very short time frame.

Have questions on your fuel system or things you may need for it? As always, feel free to give our staff a call. With so many options and things to run, sometimes even the best need to clarify parts and their designed use before bolting them on, and our friendly sales force will be glad to help.