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One of the most important systems on a racecar is the braking system. Its proper maintenance and design is critical to not only having the car stop in an emergency, but shaving the final few ticks off of the stopwatch as well. We carry a full line of popular braking components for short track cars across the country.

Any braking system is dependent upon the master cylinders and pedals driving the fluid through the lines. Between Wilwood and our own TomCat Performance brand, we carry a variety of master cylinders, pedals and related items for the control of a braking system including the most popular bore sizes in both integrated and remote-style reservoirs. Our pedal selection has something for everyone from floor mounted pedals, hanging and reverse mount pedals, too.

Probably the most recognized product we sell is the TomCat Performance brake line. Our company moves thousands upon thousands of these brake lines to some of the industry's biggest retailers and car builders. Available in lengths from 12" to 60" (and beyond by special order), we have a line for virtually every application in nearly every type of racecar. Additionally, we stock brake line kits for various types of cars that include all the fittings, lines and hardware needed to get a braking system up and running.

Once the brake system has been plumbed and installed, it's imperative to have the proper calipers, rotors and pads, too. No sweat, we've got our customers covered there, too. We carry a full assortment of the most popular rotors for all types of racecars from asphalt to dirt including the staple 1.25" and .810" steel 11.75" 8-bolt floating rotors used on a vast majority of cars around the country. We stock a variety of pad choices, too, for a variety of caliper styles and in a variety of compounds with a focus on Wilwood and Hawk Performance.

Need maintenance or 'little' parts? We've got those, too. We keep rebuild kits for calipers in stock in addition to the things like caliper bolts, rotor bolts, rotor hats and caliper brackets that aren't always so easy to find. Essentially, we've got your braking needs covered.

Have questions? Call one of our helpful experts with years of experience in various motorsports disciplines to assist you with your inquiries.