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RACEceiver Electronics

Carolina Racing Supply now carries the popular RACEceiver electronics for drivers, teams and fans! Many tracks now require that drivers and crews scan race control frequency, and the small size of the RACEceiver adds only ounces to a driver or crewman's equipment.

The RACEceiver Elite 1600 is preprogrammed with 1,600 channels for frequencies between 450-470 MHz, and will allow you to manually scan through the channels, 1 or 100 at a time, to the channel that you want to monitor. Users also have the option of finding a professional driverís channel by simply following the easy-to-read channel chart included with the unit.

The RACEceiver Elite 1600 is designed to listen to one driver at a time, switch instantly to the race broadcast and then back to your driver. It utilizes the industry standard 3.5 mm jack, allowing the use of a headset. Each RACEceiver Elite 1600 package contains a RACEceiver, holster and one AAA battery. The Elite 1600 is a must for drivers since it allows race officials to broadcast directly to them for safety and efficiency purposes without having the drivers talk back.

Replacement earpieces are also available for the RACEceiver Elite 1600 and any other RACEceiver on the market. Our earpieces are the loudest available for these electronics and feature a 90-degree earpiece to fit easily inside of users' ears without risking damage to the earpiece itself when used inside of a helmet or confined space. Call us today to order your RACEceiver!